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Lovelee’s Candles Review and Reveal

on June 23, 2013

Hi everyone! I am back with an absolutely AMAZING find for my treasure chest! I stumble across this company on Facebook originally, and as the jewelry candle craze continues, I just had to try this one out! The name of the company is Lovelee’s Candles, and I have to say, the name suits it perfectly! From the adorable homemade touches to the jar that the candle comes in, to the beautiful, sometimes “vintage” jewelry featured in her candles, I definitely see why she picked this as the name!


A little info about Lovelee’s Candles

They are lovingly handcrafted by a wonderful woman named Jessica Lee. I was in touch with Jessica throughout the whole process, and she was not only attentive to my needs, but very patient with all the different questions that I had. She kept me updated on the status of my order, which for a wax junkie like me, means the world! Her customer service is impeccable, and I very much enjoyed getting to know her a little bit, as I waited for my package to arrive.

Lovelee’s is based out of Colchester, Vermont. The phone number is : (802) 355-6636

You can reach her on her gmail as well:

Their facebook page can be found here:  Lovelee’s Candles

And to purchase her products, check out her Etsy page:  Lovelee’s Etsy Page

I assure you that she will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and keep your eyes open for sales as well, as she loves to please her customers!

Now on to the goodies….

Like any true Wax Junkie, I let my soy candles cure for about a week to 2 weeks or more before even burning them. However, the candle that she gave me I believe had already been poured a few weeks back so I went ahead and lit that baby up as soon as I popped the box. I just couldn’t help myself, as I was immediately hit with a very strong but pleasant cold scent as soon as I opened the package!

I would describe the scent I chose, Black Raspberry Vanilla, as a raspberry lover’s dream come true. Its a fresh, fragrant, very sweet berry scent…that comes off slightly tart on cold sniff, which I loved. It is not overpowered by the vanilla, which I find tends to happen in vanilla-based scents, but compliments it perfectly. You are left with a sweet symphony of Blackberry Vanilla  Bliss that fills your house completely….for hours and hours. The warm scent doesn’t differ much from the cold, but the tartness is mellowed out to leave you with a mouth-watering smooth scent that is robust yet not overpowering… a perfect combination of fruit and vanilla!

The tarts she generously included were scented Blueberry Cobbler, another one of my favorite Berry scents. On cold sniff the Blueberry jumps right out at you, even though you can still detect that delicate pastry scent in the background. When melted after a week and a half of curing, my house smelled like I literally just baked a Blueberry Cobbler! I was blown away by the different layers of scent I was able to detect, yet they all melded together to create a Blueberry Cobbler Oasis right in my living room!

I am very very VERY picky about my berry/bakery scents, and both of these products blew my mind! If you are a fan of the soy melts or candles, and can’t get any to really throw well for you, Lovelee’s is definitely worth a shot!

The best part…..Treasure!! (or in this case, Lovely!)

A jewelry candle wouldn’t be a jewelry candle without having a beautiful treasure, or “Lovely” as Jessica calls them, buried beneath the scented wax! If you follow any of my blogs or YouTube channels, you know that I am absolutely caught up in the Hidden-Objects Candle Fad. But I have never….and I mean NEVER… gotten a piece so unique, and stunning, and different (in a good way, ofcourse) as the one I found in my Lovelee’s Candle!

I had to burn it for about 4 hours in order to easily take the piece of foil out, as I am not a “gold-digger” and I feel that the anticipation is half the fun!! And it was totally worth the wait! Wrapped up in a piece of foil, and then in a plastic bag….was a beautiful Sterling Silver Pendant, with a huge Sea Opal and Garnet accent! It was absolutely beautiful. It looked slightly vintage, which I LOVE, and it sparkled to show the fine detailing in the silver surrounding the stones. It was breathtaking. Unlike the run of the mill pieces of jewelry you get in most treasure candles, most not EVEN silver, this piece is definitely something I will wear on a regular basis. It has character, and originality…. like me!  Take a look:

In closing….

I am so impressed with this homemade company. Not only was the jewelry beautiful, but the quality of the actual “wax” would leave any candle or tart fan coming back for more. I definitely highly recommend checking Lovelee’s out. The product far exceeds the price, and with excellent customer service and great scent selection, you just can’t go wrong!

So check out Lovelee’s Candles…. and tell her Tiffany sent you!!!


2 responses to “Lovelee’s Candles Review and Reveal

  1. ** I did not pay for this product, but all of my opinions are 100% my own.

  2. andrea394 says:

    That’s a beautiful pendant! I am loving your reviews and reveals! 🙂

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